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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I live in the Legacy Magnet Academy attendance area/boundaries?

Picture of LMA attendance boundaries.           All residents residing inside the dark blue boundary line within the purple highlighted region are in the             LMA attendance area.










2.  My child is a current Tustin Unified School District student, but we do not live within the attendance area for LMA. Can we apply for a transfer to attend LMA?

Yes! Transfers for current TUSD students into LMA will follow the Tustin Unified School District transfer process.  The transfer window will open January 11, 2021, and will remain open through January 29, 2021.  For more information and to apply for a transfer, visit the TUSD Transfer page.  In the event that there are more transfer requests than spaces available, a lottery will be held.  


3.  My student is not currently enrolled in a Tustin Unified School District school, can we enroll to attend Legacy Magnet Academy?

Yes! Students who are not currently enrolled in TUSD will follow the Tustin Unified School District enrollment process.  For more information and to begin the enrollment process, visit the TUSD Enrollment page If there are more applicants than spaces, a lottery will be held.  You are encouraged to follow the same deadline of January 29, 2021 to be included in the lottery, should the need arise to conduct one.  All enrollment applications received after this date will be considered pending space availability.


4.  What options will my student have to play sports at LMA?

Students in grades 6th-8th will have the opportunity to participate in the TUSD Middle School After School Sports Program, sponsored by TPSF, which includes Cross Country, Basketball and Volleyball.  

Students in grades 9th-12th will have the option to try out for athletics at their home high school (Beckman, Foothill, Tustin HS).  Students who reside within the boundaries of LMA will have the option to try out for athletics at Tustin HS.  Students attending LMA who have transferred into TUSD from another school district will have the option to try out for athletics at Tustin HS.