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Dress Code

Legacy Magnet Academy Dress Code Guidelines:

Legacy Magnet Academy requests that all students dress for success. Coming to school dressed for success helps promote pride and professionalism and reminds us all that our primary focus is on academics and a productive school experience. The quality of work students produce at school can be affected by their personal appearance. Students should dress with reasonable standards of cleanliness and modesty. Clothing and hairstyles are to be worn that will not draw the undue attention of peers or be distracting to class instruction. 

In order to provide a safe learning environment free from major distractions, school wide dress code guidelines have been developed. The following specific dress code guidelines will be expected and enforced:

Appropriate dress and personal appearance at (school) and at school-related activities shall not include any clothing, attire or accessory that by its appearance, arrangement, trademark, fit, or any other attribute, is unsafe; disruptive; unhealthful; obscene; profane; ethnically, racially or sexually degrading; libelous or slanderous; exposing undergarments; provocative or revealing; advocating unlawful behavior or illegal substances; or suggesting or promoting any aļ¬ƒliation with street gangs or other groups that commit unlawful acts.

Parents may call the school at any time for clarification prior to purchase of school attire. If students attend school dressed inappropriately, different attire can be provided. Repeat violations may result in disciplinary action. Parent support in encouraging students to dress appropriately is paramount.